Professional marine surveyors Based in Poole

Professional marine surveyors Based in Poole

Professional marine surveyors Based in PooleProfessional marine surveyors Based in Poole

Example issues

Poultice corrosion

Poultice Corrosion on yacht mast

This is a great example of poultice corrosion on a nine year old keel stepped mast.  Salt water has remained in contact with the mast at the partners and has gradually corroded the aluminium alloy.  

Early Stage Osmosis


 Blisters can be seen on this 1980's GRP hull.  These are at a fairly early stage, however they will get progressively worse until corrective action is taken. 

Iron keel corrosion

Iron keel corrosion

 If you have rust patches on your iron keel,   you are not alone!  This example is from a   high quality 48 foot yacht which is only 3 years old. 

Missing split pins

Bottle rigging screw without split pins

Although a small item, the missing split pins on this shroud bottle screw could could result in mast failure.

Early Stage Osmosis


 Another example, where scraping of the antifouling has revealed blisters in the gelcoat.  This particular boat had very high moisture levels and so blustering was to be expected. 

Saturated balsa cored hull

Wet balsa sandwich yacht hull saturated

This demonstrates the need to maintain the watertight integrity of cored structures.  In this case, the seal at the top of the hull at the deck joint was not sound, allowing water to penetrate down to the waterline as shown.

Bronze Dezincification


 This is a great example of dezincification in a bronze alloy folding prop.  The zinc has wasted out of the alloy, leaving a weak, brittle material. In this case, the splines which lock the blades together as they open have worn away.  This is the result of anodes not being replaced frequently enough. 

Debonded rudder

Debonded rudder

  The trailing edge of this GRP rudder has debonded, allowing water to penetrate the structure.  

Corrosion of stainless fixings

Stainless steel corrosion

 This is the under-deck fixing of a pad eye.  The bedding compound has failed, allowing salt water to drip down the bolts, resulting in corrosion of the stainless steel.  

IRC Weighing and Measurement

IRC Weighing

Weighing and measurement of a Lightwave 395 for IRC certification.  An Elan 333 was weighed and measured afterwards.  This was undertaken at Davis's Boat Yard in Poole.

Crack to skeg/hull joint

Crack in skeg joint

Removal of the antifouling has revealed a crack in the gelcoat where the skeg meet the hull.  In this example, a modest sideways pressure was enough to induce movement in the skeg.